EDI & ERP Consulting Services

If you’re the leader in your field, we’re sure you got there by delivering the best product or service possible. And how did you achieve that? In the e-commerce integration space, there is no substitute for the combination of long experience and a customer care attitude that creates the most effective, and cost efficient, services consultants. That’s how we got there.

Since 2002, Data Integration Specialists has offered this combination of Senior level EDI Consultants and ERP Consultants.  Whether it be implementation, integration, development, project management or support services, DIS has consultants for all applications in all industries. We are not a mammoth consulting organization who charge exorbitant fees to cover overhead costs but we are a midsize group of Senior Level integration experts who formed a company with a singular goal of ensuring the stability of your ERP processes and the health and growth of your EDI trading partner relationships….and at rates normally at least 20% less than the larger consulting companies!

Whether it be complementing your existing EDI or ERP resource remotely or by placing an onsite expert at your office, Data Integration Specialists will respond with an immediate Senior Level expert in your application.

For more information contact DIS:
E-mail: edihelp@dis-llc.com or erphelp@dis-llc.com
Phone: 612-840-6753
Web: www.dataintegrationspecialists.com