EDI Managed Services

Simply put, EDI Managed Services = EDI Consultants for your EDI Software.

Pic GUY downloadData Integration Specialists will provide a remote EDI expert to either complement your existing EDI resource or we can be your remote EDI Coordinator and maintain the entire EDI system from our remote offices. The EDI Managed Services maintains the health of your EDI business trading partner relationships at a cost model that is unmatched (want a reference?). Our EDI Consultant will handle trading partner set ups, connectivity to VANs/direct connects, automated scheduling, error handling, acknowledgement reconciliation, map fixes, map changes, new maps, map testing, unit testing and ongoing maintenance on a daily basis.

The cost/risk of the remote EDI Managed Services model provides an attractive alternative to the Full Time Employee who normally is wearing many IT hats. Because of this, the EDI hat is the one that falls thru the cracks and your trading partner relationships become negatively effected. Our experts will access your system same day to assess and deliver!

Hybrid Model of Managed Services

While many companies have experienced the typical 100% onsite EDI resource, they are the same companies that swear by the DIS Hybrid model! The Hybrid Model provides one expert to act as both a remote AND and on onsite EDI expert. In this example, a DIS EDI expert maintains the entire EDI operation remotely but travels to their customer sporadically and as needed. Whether to attend meetings or meet with the ERP subject matter experts, the Hybrid Model offers a great alternative to the 100% remote administration model. Hybrid is the fastest growing aspect of our business!

EDI Services Onsite: EDI Coordinators, Business Analysts and Developers

Of course, companies still require that their consultants are visible and onsite. In this case, DIS provides EDI consultants that will relocate and provide their services at your site. These resources are both employees and contractors who are experts in your b2b EDI software and have multiple years of EDI integration expertise.

EDI Software Application expertise

~IBM Gentran Server -Windows/Unix/Mainframe
~IBM Gentran Sterling Integrator (GIS)
~GXS OpenText BizManager, BizMapper, BizConnect, etc.
~GXS OpenText Application Integrator (AI), Mercator, etc.
~GXS OpenText Trusted Link Enterprise (TLE), TLI, AS400
~TIE Kinetix eVision Enterprise, spEDI, SmartBridge
~WebMethods Integration Server
~Level 1 EDISource, EDI HQ
…many others supported.

Customer Quotes

“We lost our EDI Coordinator abruptly and a trading partner recommended Data Integration Specialists. I mean this when I say that there is no way anyone could have responded quicker. They were on our system same day and helped avoid a disaster! Right now, we contracted with them and the DIS expert logs in 2 hours per day to ensure everything is fine. Their EDI Managed Services group is great. I am so in debt to John and Joe for their friendship and for working out a cost that is pleasing to our CFO!
–VP of Applications, apparel & textile supplier

“Our mapping resources are limited and to pay the high consulting rates are not feasible. DIS offered a 10 year veteran at a fixed and fair cost for a large mapping project. He was a HIPAA guru and was well versed in Claims Management Sytems and the Hcare standards. He finished the work early and under budget! We call on them frequently and for vacation assistance.”
-IS Director, Mid sized healthcare provider

“Our EDI product was not stable so we contacted DIS to provide an alternative. They set up demos and provided background on each EDI solution. We selected one and DIS negotiated a huge discount and passed on to us. They implemented the solution, performed map and customer testing and got us live into production quickly. They now manage the entire EDI system remotely. 100% happy to be a great reference for Mike and DIS!”
–VP Systems Mgmnt, small distributor of healthcare/medical supplies

“The DIS EDI Managed Services helps to reduce our risk with internal employment. Although we have an EDI Coordinator, she has multiple IT functions so we utilize DIS resource 30 hours per month only. This resource ensures that ALL EDI trading partner relationships remain healthy and that there are no interruptions to EDI data flow.”
-VP of IT, major outdoor clothing supplier

“DIS has first hand knowledge of our EDI product and they make their consultants immediately available. Their remote managed service works awesome but we need our DIS consultant to come onsite from time to time which works great. Their rate structure is fair and actually helps me to reduce my budget.”
–IT Manager, major health foods mfg


For more information contact DIS:
E-mail: edihelp@dis-llc.com
Phone: 612-840-6753
Web: www.dataintegrationspecialists.com