“Our EDI resource left us and a recruiter started interviewing FTE candidates. Not only were we in a hurry to find someone as our EDI volume is large and not being attended to, we felt we needed an employee to be onsite handling our EDI full time. Then, we reached out to DIS and they stated they could handle our entire EDI operation from their remote facilities and for almost half the cost of an FTE!! Because we have used DIS in the past, we were comfortable with their ability to deliver so we signed them up. Today, they handle all EDI remotely and come onsite from time to time. It truly is a huge savings and we have no risk with paying benefits, etc. Most importantly, our EDI trading partner relationships have never been more healthy!”
-Matt Schuler, VP of IS

Industry: Precision Injection Molding & Assembly
EDI software: OpenText: TLE For Windows
# of trading partners: 200+.
Volume: 11,000+ transaction/mo

Thermotech had a long time EDI Coordinator that was a FTE and a critical player in the Thermotech EC/EDI strategy. This person handled the entire operation of EDI processes, data monitoring, map fixing, adding TPs, etc, and was the resource in communication with 100% of the trading partner base. So, when this resource left Thermotech abruptly, there was a mad scramble to find a replacement. Their HR department immediately enlisted a recruiter to find an OpenText TLE EDI resource to hire as a full time, onsite employee. They quickly found out that finding this TLE resource was difficult and it was even more challenging to locate a TLE Senior Level resource to come onsite as a full time employee. In the meantime, EDI processes were falling thru the cracks and trading partner relationships were in jeopardy.

Because they had used Data Integration Specialists before on a large mapping project, they reached out
to see if DIS could provide an immediate contract resource while they continued their search for a full time, onsite EDI Coordinator. DIS promptly issued a Senior Level OpenText TLE consultant to remotely engage in picking up the pieces and to ensure that EDI remained on solid footing. This resource also came onsite frequently to attend meetings, etc., at Thermotech’s request. As it turned out, Thermotech became so comfortable with the excellent work, they inquired about utilizing the consultant as their actual EDI Coordinator in a “hybrid” model of both onsite and remote. Both parties negotiated a fair cost model and the DIS OpenText TLE resource is currently Thermotech’s EDI Coordinator.

Not only are their EDI trading relationships growing and healthy, Thermotech’s decision to use DIS’ Remote EDI Admin model in a “hybrid” way has reduced their EDI budget by roughly 35%! Thermotch’s FTE cost, including benefits, was $105,000 and the DIS resource will cost them about $68,000. This is a huge savings in addition to all employee risk being completely mitigated. Most importantly, the EC/EDI strategy is back on solid footing and Thermotech is so confident in DIS that they are embarking on a “supplier” side enablement program to be spearheaded by DIS.

For more information contact DIS:
Phone: 612-840-6753

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