“As a leading manufacturer of seasonal food decorating kits, Create A Treat has a tremendous amount of EDI data flow during peak seasons. As our volume of EDI transactions grew, manual data entry errors led us to the need to integrate to our Sage BV ERP application. Data Integration Specialists provided a BV interface and the integration services to completely eliminate manual data entry. Their consultant performed a quick remote install of the BV bridge and integrated all of our inbound 850’s, outbound 810’s and 856’s. It was a very seamless process and the DIS cost structure was very fair. Today, we utilize DIS as a monthly resource to change maps, add trading partners, test, etc. They are available immediately and we could’nt be happier with their response and attention to our EDI platform!”
-Rita Jugal, VP of IS

Industry: Food, Grocery
EDI Platform: SPS Commerce
ERP: Sage Business Vision
# of trading partners: 18+.
Volume: 5,000+ transaction/mo

Create A Treat had a unique product that was attracting demand from many retailers and pushing their EDI volume limits. The limits were requiring a growing number of people to key in all of the EDI data coming in and out. As such, there were many Business Vision data entry errors and duplicate entries, etc., which caused headaches with trading partners. Delays, reprocessing, many customer complaints all required overhead that needed to be addressed. In addition, new partners that were waiting to be implemented were constantly left waiting too long. As a result of all the problems, profitability was taking a hit and the owners were demanding a better and more efficient way to tackle EDI.

Data Integration Specialists provided an interface to Business Vision that seamlessly integrated all PO’s, Invoices, and ASN’s. The DIS consultant remotely installed the Bridge to allow for complete integration, mapped all BV data files, setup workflows and trading partner profiles. Testing with each document map and each trading partner was performed and the entire project was placed into production. DIS set up each process to be scheduled in an event driven and unattended mode. DIS also provides a resource on a limited basis for Create A Treat to utilize to fix maps, build maps and add new trading partners. DIS communicated with the SPS Commerce Data Operations team to ensure a successful and smooth handoff of data so that the entire EDI process, end to end, was complete.

All EDI data is now completely integrated and off of SPS Commerce webforms which has provided for a cost efficient and trading partner friendly environment. When a PO comes in to the BV bridge, it immediately creates a Sales Order in the BV order entry tables and an invoice and ASN is initiated. Because of this integration, there are no more data entry errors, duplicates or delays and all of the data entry employees now attend to other, more profitable areas of the business. There has been an immediate customer satisfaction response that was never in place before. New EDI trading partners are being added, the EDI volume is growing and the overhead costs are retracting. As a result of these efficiencies, the EDI program is a huge cost saver that, ultimately, has improved Create A Treat’s bottom line profitability.

For more information contact DIS:
Phone: 612-840-6753

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