The Best EDI Software Providers in the Industry

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a computer to computer or system to system, automated exchange of data and information in the form of standard electronic business documents over a secure connection. The technology helps trading partners and enterprises get more work done in a shorter period. It eliminates manual or human errors, speeds up logistic timelines, and automates the processes by enabling business to business (B2B) communications.

Data Integration Specialists (DIS) has been providing expert-level integration resources since the year 2001. Irrespective of which industry or which specialization an enterprise belongs to, we provide support and administration services to all firms and organizations. We offer the best EDI software integration services for a price much less than what other mammoth companies charge. As a mid-size integration group with senior-level integration experts, we aim to ensure healthy growth of EDI trading partnerships of enterprises and firms.

Our EDI personnel has a minimum of 10 years experience while many of them have more than 20 years of experience in single-handedly handling the projects for enterprises of various sizes and volumes in all types of industries. And, we are partners with all significant EDI software providers which enables us to get decent discounts from our partners. We forward the same to our clients, and the result is that we can provide the best quality of services at a lower price.

An enterprise could require EDI software providers for various reasons. They may want to make changes to their work structure and environment; they may wish to upgrade their systems to stay in business, their existing systems may not be providing them with satisfactory reasons, their current system could do with some improvement, their EDI provider might have moved away or just about anything.

DIS will respond and step in immediately to take control of the situation and provide the business enterprises with the solutions they require for their systems. Apart from EDI integration services, we also offer other expertise integrations such as,

Web Services:

Our senior-level consultants have expertise in integrating web-based applications using XML, UDDI, WSDL, and SOAP open standards over an internet protocol backbone.

Many of our clients need to communicate with each other, and other clients but have no detailed knowledge about things that work in IT systems. We set up web services for different sources to talk to each other via business logic, processes, and data. Our platform helps integrate multiple and diverse applications.

Oracle Retail Practice

We specialize in (Retek) Retail Solutions portfolio by Oracle Retail. In addition to providing expertise in retail and Oracle retail projects, we also use our knowledge of Subject Matter Expert (SME) are required on projects for third-party systems integrators. We can customize operations to suit each of the varied clients’ requirements in specific retail segments.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • DIS provides services to link systems and applications across the enterprise to enable communication between them.
  • It helps in simplifying the work and reducing workload for employees by automating the repetitive processes.
  • We provide support systems to make sure that the existing systems can work along with the new integrations.
  • Our vast experience has made us one of the best EDI software providers in the market. EDI has seen to have sped up the processes by around 60%, allowing employees to concentrate on other aspects of their work.

Data is sent and received on time, and the cost of expenditure also decreases for enterprises. We provide continuous support to our clients. Data Integration Specialists (DIS) are in simple terms, EDI consultant for EDI software companies.