Blue Cherry Consulting

Blue Cherry Consulting

Blue Cherry Consulting rates too high?  You want one Blue Cherry resource allocated to your business?  The Data Integration Specialists Group will assign one, committed resource and the rates will be 20%-30% less than your $225/hr rate.  This Blue Cherry Consulting Group also recognizes that providing a consistent Blue Cherry ERP veteran to your system is advantageous as opposed to being at the mercy of entry level CGS employees who are not familiar with your business processes.  Because of the high rate and the fact that you are being told that there is only one option for Blue Cherry consultants, you are at the mercy of CGS. The DIS Blue Cherry Consulting Group offers a fair cost structure and will allocate one consistent expert with no less than 15+ years of experience with Blue Cherry implementations into apparel business environments.

Apparel Industry background

DIS offers leaders in the apparel industry that have backgrounds in business process improvement, business operations, EDI/WMS, Order to Cash management workflow, project management, warehouse operations, change management, inventory management, Blue Cherry production support, and more.  Our resources also have years of experience in apparel companies directly writing technical specs, report writing, creating test scripts, technical analysis, API development, designing, testing implementations of BlueCherry developments, ensuring compliance to existing and development of required data/reporting standards. As well, our textile experienced PMs spearhead projects to keep them on time and on budget and our BAs ensure that data points are consistent with internal and external business requirements.

Blue Cherry Core Module expertise

Data Integration Specialists has many techno functional Blue Cherry consultants who are experienced in all core modules for all CGS products. Often we are asked to determine which central logistics functions should be used together with core modules and then to define those processes. Data Integration Specialists Functional consultants assist in the setup and configuration of any CGS module. Often, there are requirements for simple configuration changes to data points or structures within Blue Cherry that are needed to complete an internal or external project.

Process Flow Documentation Process flow diagrams are created for all critical Blue Cherry ERP business processes. The process flow diagrams have step-by-step instructions that indicate the Blue Cherry program user and field-level steps.  This is helpful supplemental material to allow users to self-train and create SOP documents. Data Imports
SQL queries are written to extract data from existing business systems (or Excel) and they are converted to the Blue Cherry import formats.  The SQL queries can be executed as needed to extract the latest information from the existing systems. This allows for quicker refreshing of the TEST database for CRP’s and will shorten the  time to load data at go live.

Regarding getting across the finish line to Production Go Live!  Sometimes EDI testing is slowing it down!
Data Integration Specialists, LLC has 24 + years of extensive knowledge of EDI  and can assist in testing to ensure EDI transactions flowing through the Blue Cherry TEST system align with the EDI transactions flowing through the current production system. Data Integration Specialists, LLC also has experience creating/modifying ERP EDI maps.

Blue Cherry EDI Consulting responsibilities

  • Full Blue Cherry EDI integration map sets finalized and available
  • EDI Consulting Blue Cherry Integration Mapping/re-mapping and integration on ERP implementations / upgrades, i.e., and mapping conversion projects  -Map/Unit and end to end Testing
  • Production Support and EDI Admin
  • Total EDI Upgrade Project Management
  • EDI analysis / EDI mapping services / testing / implementation
  • Community management and rapid on-boarding
  • Gap analysis, API development and optimization
  • EDI upgrade planning / installation / configuration
  • VAN scripting, connectivity, communications
  • AS2 / EDIINT implementation
  • Remote EDI Managed Services
  • Pre / post process development
  • System health checks
  • Project audits

Remote Blue Cherry EDI Administration

Data Integration Specialists can assist you with  your EDI Support  and can help you with trading partner setups, EDI mapping services, connectivity to VANs, automated scheduling, error handling, and acknowledgement reconciliation.

Our Remote EDI Administration allows for complete Blue Cherry EDI Support and a service that provides for  outsourcing of all your EDI management, mapping and testing activities.  From monitoring the entire system, debugging maps, fixing errors, EDI mapping services,  business process building to being the direct contact with all your eBusiness trading partners, our 20+ years of EDI experience will help you maintain the health and growth of your trading partner relationships.


Automotive, Computers/Electronics, Defense, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petroleum/Chemicals, Transportation/Logistics, and Supply-Chain (financial, consignment, replenishment, distribution, etc.)



How Do I Start?

Let’s allow for YOU to dictate when you migrate, not someone else.  There are many powerful, functional and scalable Ecommerce EDI solutions that allow for quick onset of EDI trading partner communities, ease of use with mapping processes and an unattended, automated solution that keeps your errors to a minimum and your overhead costs lows.

To take advantage of the Data Integration Specialists Blue Cherry Consulting resources:

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