BlueCherry EDI Consulting

BlueCherry EDI Consulting

Has CGS put you into an EDI corner that you cannot get out of?   Is your budget taking a hit with CGS’ high $225/hr rates and the 6-8 weeks to add just one new partner?  Do you know that there is another option for your EDI processes with the Data Integration Specialists’ BlueCherry EDI Consulting Group?

The DIS BlueCherry EDI Consulting recognizes that CGS has produced an excellent BlueCherry Apparel/Textile application for your ERP business processes but why is there only one option when it comes to EDI?  The outrageous consulting rate of $225/hr is exorbitant and adding new Trading Partners with just a simple 850 PO, 810 Invoice and/or the 856 Adv Ship Notice should not be a long , arduous process.  The DIS BlueCherry EDI Consulting Group offers rates over 20% less and will guarantee a trading partner is live and in production in 1-2 weeks.

What about integration to BlueCherry?  Well, as is testament to the multiple BlueCherry clients who have switched from CGS to DIS BlueCherry EDI Consulting, we have built the schemas for all of the major retail/distribution/3pl transactions and EDI production data is flowing without the high costs and long timeframes.  In addition, our BlueCherry EDI resources have a minimum of 18+ years of EDI experience and many have even worked at CGS.

For 20+ years, Data Integration Specialists has been providing top tier EDI and ERP Senior Level resources whose single focus is maintaining the health of your EDI trading partner base. Our BlueCherry EDI Consulting Group has extensive experience with all EDI toolsets and our knowledge base within the core integration points to BlueCherry  provides our customers with the comfort that their Ecommerce agenda and EDI platform is secure and growing. When you work with the Data Integration Specialists’ BlueCherry EDI Consulting group, you will experience top tier talent who are experts on all EDI applications. Whether acting as your remote Gentran or Sterling Integrator  EDI Administrator, upgrading to SI from Gentran (or any other application) or migrating your legacy EDI processes to IBM Sterling Integrator, our BlueCherry EDI Consulting Services Group, including our long time BlueCherry Support consultants, provide a comprehensive and focused EDI migration and BlueCherry integration path.  And, because of our low overhead costs, we have a cost model that cannot be beat!

BlueCherry EDI Consulting responsibilities

  • Full BlueCherry EDI integration map sets finalized and available
  • EDI Consulting BlueCherry Integration Mapping/re-mapping and integration on ERP implementations / upgrades, i.e., and mapping conversion projects  -Map/Unit and end to end Testing
  • Production Support and EDI Admin
  • Total EDI Upgrade Project Management
  • EDI analysis / EDI mapping services / testing / implementation
  • Community management and rapid on-boarding
  • Gap analysis, API development and optimization
  • EDI upgrade planning / installation / configuration
  • VAN scripting, connectivity, communications
  • AS2 / EDIINT implementation
  • Remote EDI Managed Services
  • Pre / post process development
  • System health checks
  • Project audits


  • This service includes an analysis of the data transmission volume and number of trading partners in order to decide which method of communication will be most effective.
  • Data Integration Specialists has support for all methods including direct connections, such as AS2 and FTP, and the traditional Value Added Networks (VANS).
  • In addition, during this phase, an analysis of the volume and utilization pattern is performed to determine the best method and/or VAN to utilize and the best plan to suit each customer’s needs.
  • After a particular method has been selected, a senior level EDI consultant proceeds with the setup and configuration of the EDI mailboxes and/or direct connections, and the completion of the corresponding communications testing.

Remote BlueCherry EDI Administration

Data Integration Specialists can assist you with  your EDI Support  and can help you with trading partner setups, EDI mapping services, connectivity to VANs, automated scheduling, error handling, and acknowledgement reconciliation.

Our Remote EDI Administration allows for complete BlueCherry EDI Support and a service that provides for  outsourcing of all your EDI management, mapping and testing activities.  From monitoring the entire system, debugging maps, fixing errors, EDI mapping services,  business process building to being the direct contact with all your eBusiness trading partners, our 20+ years of EDI experience will help you maintain the health and growth of your trading partner relationships.



Automotive, Computers/Electronics, Defense, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petroleum/Chemicals, Transportation/Logistics, and Supply-Chain (financial, consignment, replenishment, distribution, etc.)



How Do I Start?

Let’s allow for YOU to dictate when you migrate, not someone else.  Sterling Gentran is a powerful, functional and scalable Ecommerce EDI solution.  Sterling Gentran allows for quick onset of EDI trading partner communities, ease of use with mapping processes and an unattended, automated solution that keeps your errors to a minimum and your overhead costs lows.  It works….let’s keep it that way!

To take advantage of the Data Integration Specialists BlueCherry EDI Consulting resources:

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