CASE STUDY: Horizon Hosiery Mills

“For 3 years now, we have been using Data Integration Specialists as a backup to our existing EDI Coordinator so we know about their fantastic availability and response time. Because our EDI Coordinator wears many hats, sometimes we run into scenarios where we need help keeping the EDI system steady. Because we chose SAP as our new ERP application, we knew we’d need additional mapping resources so, once again, we turned to DIS. DIS provided an immediate Sterling Integrator Project Manager and enlisted their “SAP mapping factory” to ensure an on time and on budget project. DIS gave us a fixed project bid that was very fair, immediately took over the mapping project and the results were nothing short of phenomenal! Of course, we will continue to use Data Integration Specialists for any future EDI/SAP related projects.
~Lea Claire, VP of IS

Industry: Women’s Apparel & Fashion
EDI software: IBM Sterling Integrator
# of trading partners: 25+.
Volume: 20,000+ transaction/mo

Horizon Hosiery had one resource that provided administration to its EDI processes, new trading partner setup, new map building, error detection and resolution and overall maintenance of the system. Even though the EDI volume had much attention, the EDI Coordinator would get pulled in other directions and there were processing issues and unstable situations, in that case. A backup EDI resource was needed from time to time and DIS filled that role when called upon. However, once Horizon made the switch to SAP, they knew there was going to be a ton of maps that could not be handled by just the one resource. There was a concern that, handling all the mapping/testing internal would lead to all of the EDI processes falling thru the cracks and putting the entire Ecommerce agenda in jeopardy. Either way, it was obvious they needed someone immediately.

At a negotiated fixed project cost, Data Integration Specialists provided an immediate Senior Level Gentran SI expert to lead the project. Utilizing the “mapping factory”, DIS built and tested 155 maps over a 2 month period. A testing phase where DIS was responsible for contacting each trading partner to do end to end testing was also done. Go live was within 3 months of Horizon contacting DIS. In addition to the mapping project, the DIS Project Lead set up workflows to ensure that all processes occur in an unattended and automated fashion and with email alerts on errors and exceptions. Today, DIS is on call to monitor and provide maintenance of the system and add all new trading partners/maps.

Horizon Hosiery estimated a savings of over 3 months and thousands of dollars by using the DIS mapping factory. DIS’ dedicated Gentran SI resource provided the resources so that the cost and risk was reduced exponentially. Because the entire EDI system is now automated, there is less overhead and increased efficiency. Because the DIS consultant added more responsibility with backup, it allows the EDI Coordinator to attend to other IT functions that are more profitable. Turning to Data Integration Specialists has been a cost containment (30%) success and has helped the Horizon Hosiery Mills’ bottom line immensely.