Helly Hansen

“We started up a 3 year project plan in 2002 where the goal was to have 20% of our customers doing 80% of our business via EDI. At start-up our cost/benefit analysis gave us a break/even point in 1.85 years. In 2003 we started doing business with Data Integration Specialists and after just a few weeks, they took over all EDI development for us in the USA. This resulted in now having a break/even point at .84 years – an impressive improvement! Helly Hansen is now starting up new projects in both Europe and Far East where Data Integration Specialists will be directing and maintaining all EDI from a remote location.”

Per-Morten Hellberg,
Director eBusiness Infrastructure,

Helly Hansen


Industry: Retail / Apparel
No. of trading partners: 25+
Major trading partners: Nordstroms, Saks, West Marine, LL Bean, Sears, Disney
Volume: 2000+ transactions per month


Helly Hansen’s only EDI resource was responsible for handling many IT functions outside of EDI. As such there was no dedicated EDI resource. When the resource was busy, EDI tasks such as data monitoring, mapping, adding trading partners, building workflows, customizing reports, performing system maintenance, handling errors and other activities, was outsourced to a very high priced third party consulting company. Helly Hansen paid the consultant to build custom scripts to run communications and internal processes that unfortunately, did not take full advantage of the eVision™ EDI capabilities. This resulted in costly downtime and major disruptions to the flow of EDI data. The response level and cost effectiveness of the Ecommerce program was inhibiting growth at the bottom line.


Data Integration Specialists provided an eVision™ expert with over 10 years experience to act as the remote EDI Administrator for Helly Hansen. The consultant re-built the custom scripts to work with the eVision™ workflow processes, remapped many of the maps, added new trading partners and tied old ones together in conjunction with the new eVision™ workflows. This resource maintains the entire EDI system for Helly Hansen remotely, and handles all data monitoring, communications, workflows, dataflow, errors and new trading partners and maps.


Helly Hansen reduced their EDI budget by 40%. DIS created a positive visibility for the Ecommerce system, reduced the overhead, provided a smooth flow of data with a fully workable system and turned the EDI program into a huge cost saver. Outsourcing the EDI administration to DIS allowed Helly Hansen personnel to re-allocate their time and resources to other, more profitable business processes, thereby reducing costs immensely. The Helly Hansen EDI infrastructure and the ERP applications coincide together in an environment that takes full advantage of all Ecommerce opportunities.

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