A Detailed Overview of IBM Gentran Server

IBM Gentran server is a combined data translation, process control, and communication system that can be operated in the Microsoft Windows Environment. The basic motive behind designing this type of server was to facilitate the translation and communication of EDI and other similar types of data.

The process control system

With the help of the process control system, you can easily integrate this amazing Gentran server with several different business applications. The integration is very smooth and after the integration, it becomes a completely new extension of the business application while facilitating its process.

The communication system

The Gentran server links all the internal business systems which each other and along with this, it also links the business system which is being used by your customers and suppliers all around the globe as well. It basically routes application to application message by using direct lines and VAN’s in order to convert the manual transactions into a completely automatic system. Based on the predefined schedules and events, the translations keep occurring round the clock without any delay or interruption. With such an advanced solution, you are able to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your business with very little effort.

The server executive service

You should know that Gentran server uses the server executive service which facilitates the control over the execution of communication and translation functions. With the help of the server executive service, Gentran server keeps running on the Microsoft Windows server even when no one is logged into the system.

Microsoft Windows Environment

Gentran Server is designed and built to capitalize on the Microsoft Windows Environment. By using the perfect mix of database, system store data and primary system controller, Gentran server has been deployed in the Microsoft Windows Environment.

Unattended mode

You will be surprised to know that the IBM Gentran server can also work under the unattended mode. When any type of error arises, or the machine needs human intervention then the authorized people are notified with the help of pagers or system messages. With the help of audit trials and message tracking, you can easily know where a message is in real-time.

Distributed systems

The system may also have a secondary controller and user interface client but all this depends on the type of license you are going to purchase. Under a clustered environment, the Gentran server can reside on one to four nodes. But you should know that this server can be distributed in various ways.

A cluster is basically a set of loosely coupled, independent computer system which acts like a single system. The applications of client interact with a cluster like single high-performance, highly reliable server. The system managers also take the cluster as a single server. You should know that in a clustered system, the processing power can be boosted in small incremental steps with the help of another machine. The cluster offers the illusion of a single server to the applications of the client even if the cluster is made of many systems.

If one is facing increasing number of requests from the client’s end then it can be done by adding additional systems to the cluster. By using this method, the workload of a machine which has failed can be easily transferred to other machines without interrupting the work. But you should know that such type of transfer is transparent to the clients as well.