Discussing The Benefits Associated To Electronic Data Interchange

The integration of data is one of the important aspects that is resource intensive within many organizations. Electronic Data Interchange includes manual processes as well as ERP integration and here are some of the major benefits of EDI.

1. Cost Savings

Operating expenditure is something that has been eating up a great chunk of your overall income. Your overall operating expenditure can be lowered by around 35% by making use of EDI. It basically functions by eliminating the cost of paper, reproduction, printing, storage, postage, filing, and document retrieval. It also drastically reduces the resources, maintenance and administrative costs inside your business.

2. Business Efficiency

EDI is known to be the most efficient when it comes to business trading partner relationships. Human error gets minimized when you put electronic data interchange to use and therefore, the business efficiency is enhanced and there are numerous advantages from a business partner viewpoint. Instead of handling these tedious activities, the employees can now focus on more important value adding tasks. Apart from that, EDI also helps in enhancing the overall customer and trading relationship management because it makes the delivery of goods and service faster.

3. Security

When it comes to transactions, security is a major factor that must be considered. EDI enhances the security of the business transactions by sharing the data securely across a variety of communication protocols as well as security standards.

4. Speed

Order processing is essential and time is the basic essence for that. EDI speeds up the entire cycle by up to 61% as it allows process automation which reduces the time delays associated with manual processing. The manual processing requires you to enter, file and compare the data. Inventory Management is generally streamlined by making efficient use of EDI.

5. Environment Friendly

Global warming and various other types of environmental phenomenon make it highly important to move towards EDI. It helps in migrating from paper based systems to electronic systems. Therefore, it helps in reducing the overall CO2 emissions, which promotes corporate social responsibility.

6. Accuracy

More than anything else, EDI and the EDI Resource Consultants are accurate. The fact that most of the manual processes are prone to lots of errors, makes EDI more efficient and beneficial. The errors in manual processes mainly occur from unreadable handwriting, keying and re-keying errors, and sometimes incorrect document handling.  EDI functions by using electronic systems and, therefore, it is more accurate than manual processes.

There are a number of advantages and benefits associated to the usage of electronic data interchange over manual processes. Therefore a number of organizations today are opting for EDI resource consultants from organizations like Data Integration Specialists. Mentioned above are just a few of the innumerable benefits associated with electronic data integration.