EAI Tools for Better Management

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is an integration framework with a collection of services and technologies which form a middleware framework to enable the integration of applications and systems in a business enterprise. Without an EAI strategy, the systems cannot communicate with each other. That means data cannot be shared or transferred between the various systems and applications in an enterprise.

This lack of communication can lead to inefficiencies, duplication of data, storing redundant information, and the inability to automate even the simplest of tasks. Employees will have to perform the functions which will result in increased workload and stress where they cannot focus on the core aspects of their job.

Data Integration Specialists (DIS), founded in 2001, has offered the best e-commerce integration, implementation, and support services for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software provider application. We are a group of senior-level integration experts that will ensure the growth and health of EDI trading partnerships. Our Enterprise Application Integration experts will simplify and automate the business processes to a great extent.

That said, we keep in mind that making complex changes at once could create issues. We notice that the legacy systems cannot support the changes and need other support systems that can help in sustaining the processes. We link together different database solutions, operating systems, computer languages, or different time and date formats. At times the vendors who created the operations no longer support them. We use and link support systems in such instances as well.

Our EAI methodologies are as follows:

  • Modifying ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to fit new objectives. This helps in automating some of the processes.
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP). Our programmers define the data type of the data structure along with the types of operations or functions that can be applied to the data structure.
  • Cross-platform program communication using message brokers with Common Object Request Broker Architecture and COM+, which is widely distributed throughout the enterprise.
  • Content and data distribution on a large scale and across the enterprise using common databases and data standards. It is implemented using XML (Extensible Markup Language).
  • Using other approaches such as message queueing and middleware.

DIS has been providing expert-level integration services in all industries. From retail to healthcare, manufacturing to utilities or government agencies, we respond immediately with EDI resources for every software application.

We also have partnerships with major EDI software suppliers. So when any enterprise that is planning to or migrating from EDI platform to another, we can provide them with attractive discounts that we get from our partners. Our experienced experts manage the entire project from end to end implementation, installation, mapping, testing, and provide continuous support for all EDI data.

Enterprise Application Integration tools enable many types of business software such as ERP systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications, supply chain management applications, human resource systems, business intelligence applications, and other such systems and applications to communicate with each other.

At the same time, EAI is not only about sharing data and information between systems and applications. It deals with both data sharing and business processes. Automating processes, reducing workload for employees, ensuring vendor independence by using other support systems to run the existing systems, and creating a standard front-end interface that gives access to all applications. This makes things easier for users and employees as they do not have to learn to operate different software packages.

Whether enterprises wish to have a complementing system of the existing EDI resources or map a new project, either remotely or onsite or become a permanent resource provider, we will respond with immediate expert solutions to support them.