EDI Consultants offer huge value

What are the benefits of EDI Consultants? 
EDI Consultants enable the mapping and the integration of inbound and outbound EDI messages to an ERP Gateway possible.  EDI mapping and integration, performed by any range of EDI Consultants, includes seamless production processes that eliminate all manual data entry.  With the implementation services of EDI mapping, you can translate EDI messages into different ASCII formats like Oracle, SAP  or flat-file, XML and much more. In layman’s language, EDI Consultants are another option to your internal resources to ensure the EDI mapping process, testing and EDI production dataflow is moving in the right direction.   
Steps involved when using the Data Integration Specialists’ EDI Consultants Mapping group:

  • Collection of all existing maps
  • Consult the ERP subject matter expert or Implementation Partner in order to define and capture ERP definition files for EDI mapping service.
  • Construct new map matrices which will define EDI requirements and then match them with the new layout of EDI.
  • Go through unit test for all maps
  • Connecting trading partner workflow to map flows
  • Go through the basic setup of maps
  • Get in touch with all the trading partners to communicate testing plans
  • Test, place in production
  • Finally, follow up support of all maps and EDI data flows.

What are the advantages of using EDI Consultants?

When you turn to an outside EDI consultant, it might be because your internal resource left the company, is on leave or does not provide value to your ECommerce agenda.  The integration and automation of production data is critical and,  if you lose your EDI administrator, the value that has been put in place is immediately in jeopardy.  Normally, finding an EDI Consultant to jump on your systems and maintain the integrity of your EDI trading community is very quick and easy.  Putting a process in place to find a full time employee is time consuming and risky given it is usually a very time sensitive period where the system needs to be monitored immediately.   With the help of EDI Consultants, who normally can jump on your system same day, any business can capitalize on all the investments that have been put in constructing the EDI infrastructure. Along with this, an EDI Consultant also makes sure that the EDI data continues to be  automatically sent to different systems like Oracle or other ERP applications while keeping the investment on the infrastructure.

How to choose the best EDI Consultant?

If you want the best EDI Consultants, then all you have to do is to just search for EDI mapping service or EDI Consultants on a search engine and you will get a long list of websites offering this service. You should never forget to check the reviews and rating of these websites in order to choose the best.   Data Integration Specialists  can be reached by visiting their website at www.dis-llc.com or by calling 612-840-6753.