EDI Consulting Services for Retail


If your business is selling product into industries like Retail/CPG, you likely are in need of some sort of EDI Consulting Services for retail within your ECommerce program.  Or, in many situations, you may have a full time EDI resource and, therefore, EDI Consulting Services may not be required.  However, scenarios may come up where there may be an abrupt departure or vacation/leave of absence.  In that case some sort of EDI Consulting Services for retail processes or initiatives arrangement may be in order and there are many companies at your disposal.

EDI Consulting Services companies normally have a stable of junior and senior level EDI consultants that will come both onsite and be remote.  Your company will want to make sure that the consultant has broad experience and background with your particular EDI software application.  It will be important that they have expertise in gathering specifications, building map matrices, developing maps, building business processes and testing end to end.  It will also be imperative that your EDI consultant is very communicative with prospective trading partners so that directing them down the path to production data is straightforward and quick.  Often times, there are changes or delays as companies get closer to testing so the initial test case scenarios may have to be updated or changed all together.  In this case, an EDI consultant for retail production processes will need to reach out and communicate directly with the trading partner so there are no surprises.  A happy trading partner means one link in the chain is healthy and working….sometimes half the battle and excellent communication is key.

Since 2002, Data Integration Specialists has offered this combination of Senior level EDI Consultants (and ERP Consultants).  Whether it be implementation, integration, development, project management or EDI support services, DIS has Senior level consultants for all EDI applications in all industries. We are not a mammoth consulting organization who charge exorbitant fees to cover overhead costs but we are a midsize group of Senior Level integration experts who formed a company with a singular goal of ensuring the stability of your Ecommerce processes and the health and growth of your EDI trading partner relationships….and at rates normally at least 20% less than the larger consulting companies!

Whether it be complementing your existing EDI resource remotely or by placing an onsite expert at your office, Data Integration Specialists will respond with an immediate Senior Level EDI expert in your application.

For more information contact DIS:
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