Gone are those days when the transfer of data and messages was a long, painstaking process, with high possibility of it being riddled with errors. Today, business and organizations make use of electronic data interchange to transfer well-structured data as per the laid down message standards. Big enterprises and large organizations make use of EDI in a supply chain management from payments, invoices, shipping documents, etc, resulting in the elimination of error and saving time that can be otherwise spent on achieving core business objectives.

While years earlier we relied on the manual supply chain processing such as phone calls, post, fax machines for connecting various departments be it manufacturers, retailers, distributors. Aside from minimizing the processing time, mitigating problems related to human errors, it also lowers the administrative cost and saves on resources. This way the internal business resources can be redeployed and predictability can be improved, which will help in enriching the customer experience.

Confused as to whether make do with an in-house EDI system or hire a managed EDI service?

These pointers will help you decide which one will suit your business requirements aptly:

  • With an in-house environment, you will be solely responsible for managing all the components necessary for electronic data interchange between the business and the consumers. The elements being providing IT and technical support, establishing and maintaining communication network, monitoring and managing hardware software translation and more. But with an EDI managed service like Data Integration Specialists, you will get a dedicated expert that will be responsible for coordinating every aspect of transaction ERP mapping, trading partner setup, testing and ultimately ensuring that your trading partner base is healthy and growing.
  • Then comes the cost and resource factor. With in-house employees, you will have to decide the time, money and other resources which the company has to contribute to buying hardware/software and other IT service. With DIS’ EDI Managed Services, you will get a remote EDI coordinator that will manage the entire EDI health from remote locations with cost-effective models, keeping into consideration the risks to enhance accuracy. DIS EDI experts will help you devise a resource redeployment strategy that will also improve the efficiency of your core functions significantly.
  • Your in-house team will be responsible for being available 24 * 7, keeping into consideration the varying timelines of the customers and also ensuring minimal downtime. Monitoring services on your 24*7 and identifying and resolving issues in real time can be very challenging. But with an EDI managed service provider and remote EDI consultant like DIS, which provides Hybrid EDI managed services, your business will get a remote and an onsite EDI assistance by EDI experts, making it a great alternative to 100% remote administrative model.
  • With an in-house FTE, you will pay $70,000-$120,000 plus expenses and insurance benefits that add another 25-30%. At a portion of those costs, DIS will run your entire EDI operation from our remote offices. Reduce costs and mitigate risk with the DIS Managed Services model.

You can trust upon DIS EDI managed services to offer comprehensive solutions from trading partner setups, automated scheduling, error handling and more at a reasonable cost. We also dispense proficient ERP mapping solutions that include map fixes, testing, and maintenance on a daily basis.

EDI implementations are intricate processes which take time, effort and produce a cost/risk proponent that is not necessary. Unlike in other organization where one employee is doing so many IT tasks, with DIS Remote EDI consultants, you get dedicated EDI experts that provide remote EDI model which is a framework keeping in mind the cost/risk factors to ensure the organization pays as per the business requirements.

Visit DIS to get the best in class EDI service at an affordable package.