Latest Data Integration Trends to Watch Out For

With digitalization becoming the norm of business; Data Integration has become its integral part. However, rapidly changing technology is also changing the look of Data Integration Specialists, LLC. We spotted Data Integration Specialists first in 1991, and it has been improving ever since. Starting our journey in 2001, Data Integration Specialists have emerged as one of the most reliable and best-in-class Data Integration Software Services and Solutions at the most affordable and competitive rates.

 Here, we try to provide you with some insights into the latest data integration trends that you need to be updated with to remain competitive and successful in the digital world.  

  • Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EiPaaS) 

Today, no industry can afford not to invest in digital transformation. Organizations not adapting to the digital technology  soon find themselves going extinct. The plethora of new SaaS applications by themselves are not sufficient to tackle all the integration challenges. Issues like different applications, heterogeneous data formats, quality issues with data, etc. are just a few of the challenges. An Enterprise Application Integration Solutions bridge the gap. They do away the need for a specialized IT team in integrations and make the entire task more manageable. Understandably, it is fast replacing the traditional integration solutions.

  • More reliance on support services instead of DIY 

It is fast being realized that IT professionals connecting data endpoints are no longer enough to cope up with the increasing scale and rapidity of data. The need for responsive and highly skilled support is rising, even among vendors. Hence leading IT leaders are gunning for models with advanced architecture as well as with managed services to address several potential issues like the complexity of integration, compliance, security, etc. Hiring managed service providers as the Data Integration Specialists leaves them free to focus on their core competencies.  

  • Migration to cloud-based solutions 

Business enterprises have been using cloud-based applications in tandem with on-premise systems. But it made the free flow of information across services and applications, trifle challenging due to different architectures. To overcome this, most are resorting to Cloud-based Data Integration Software Services. They are not only more cost-effective but are more productive, flexible, and offer you much better and faster connectivity while efficiently running several business-critical applications. Cloud Storage is the trend that will only gain momentum and strength.   

  • Machine Learning joins data integration. 

Today, data integration has been made more robust and powerful with the inculcation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The traditional ETL processes offered only a fixed set of views. But advanced automated data modeling and smart data assistant; recommended solutions, necessary data, and the course of action. Thus, you find an increase in the adoption of the No-ETL approach, which works successfully for both structured and unstructured data.

  • Greater synergy  

Today most organizations are going for a more synergistic approach in data integration solutions such that the infrastructure and the application objectives get aligned. Ideal tools must tightly link data quality tools for seamless integration and compliance with critical information management and government initiatives. Organizations better embrace solutions like application integration technology.

  • Focus on Mobile and real-time integration 

Today application integration has moved beyond just data flow to yield more result-oriented and value-added experience and services. This has paved the way for smooth data flow and data synchronization in real-time across a plethora of platforms like mobiles, PCs, laptops, and other handheld devices.

 Final Words  

 Presently, companies might be running with multiple disruptive technologies, but the future is fast changing to a simpler, less time-consuming, and fewer resource needs. Smart implementation of the latest integration solutions will make your company more efficient and robust.

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