Why OPT for EDI Instead of Manual Processing

An Increasing number of businesses are ditching traditional manual processing and opting for EDI. They’re either buying their own software through EDI software providers or using outsource services. The question that arises is, why? Now that we can get trained human resources for every detailed task, why opt for software and systems to do the same?

Here are few reasons why more businesses are opting for EDI:

Cost Efficient

Although there are trained professionals available for processing your business data, the compared investment in EDI software is cheaper in a long run. Manual processing includes not only labor cost,  but printing, filing, administration, mailing and in many cases, repeating these same costs in the same transactions. EDI exchanges the documents automatically and unattended from system to system which saves you cost on everything in each transaction and cuts the per transaction cost dramatically.

Time Saving

In any business, time is of utmost importance, and that is why EDI is becoming the preferred choice for a better processing between business trading partners. In manual processing, every step of transaction includes the employee feeding the data manually into the system to go to the next step. This way, transactions can take days to be completed. On the other hand, EDI requires no manual data entering at each step making the entire process effective and efficient. The per transaction time consumption reduces from days to minutes ultimately leading to more transaction volume in the same amount of time, less cost and better return on investment.


One of the prime reasons why EDI is becoming the preferred choice is that it reduces the error rate to negligible. Manual data entering can include errors like re-entered keys, or missed details or even mistyping. EDI cuts out the chances of such errors. Reduced error rate translates to improved quality of the data as well as no requirement of any redoing data processing or the orders which in turn contributes to better business relations.

Real Time Updates

While manual data processing takes days to complete a transaction and update the status, EDI software is capable of real time status update, making the entire transaction smoother. Moreover, the businesses are more informed of the current status which can help them be more responsive towards any changes or issues in the transaction. A timely and well informed response makes business relations stronger thereby increasing orders and profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the subtle yet important benefits of EDI is that it helps save a lot of paper, which can be an important part of green strategy of the business. Your business can become more sustainable through this ecological choice which is an important part of corporate social responsibility.

With a better, faster and cost efficient data processing system, not only can the business flourish, but also work smoothly internally. Real time information updates can help make better business strategies and quality decision making is the key to a successful business.

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