Top 4 Myths About EDI You Should Stop Believing Today

Businesses are striving hard to stay ahead of their competitors and technological solutions are helping a lot in the whole process. Electronic Data Interchange is one of the most popular solutions used by businesses to stand out in the crowd by making their operations more efficient and productive. EDI is being used since its dawn in the 1970s but there are still some myths and misconceptions prevailing about the process.

What Is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange allows a computer-to-computer transfer of electronic documents between businesses. EDI brings in an array of advantages with it. It helps businesses to make their operations efficient, both in terms of cost (cutting paper and labor costs) and time. EDI offers better management of critical business transactions by transferring documents without any delay.

Demystifying Top Myths About EDI

No matter which EDI software you use – Gentran EDI or OpenText BizManager, you need the help of expert EDI consultants to ensure complete health in your electronic trading partner community. In spite of such benefits and more, there are myths about EDI that you should stop believing today. Here are a few of them.

It Is TOO Complicated.

This is one of the most common myths people use to avoid incorporating technology in their operations. Be it an automation software, a task scheduling tool or Electronic Data Interchange, business owners call them too technical and avoid using it. There have been many reports proving that businesses who couldn’t digitalize with time got swept off the market. EDI Software is very easy to implement and, with Data Integration Specialists’ Senior Level consulting group, can conveniently be used to boost the efficiency of your business to a great extent.

Data Is Not Safe When Transferred Through EDI.

Your business’ data is one of the most important assets and every provider of EDI Software understands this. EDI Software gives you the control to decide who will have a document’s access and who will not! This helps you to exchange data (documents) with business partners and vendors with the required security.

You Need To Start Afresh When Implementing EDI.

This is one of the most asked questions we get from our businesses. They are usually concerned that they would have to start from scratch if they wish to start using EDI in their business operations. Well, this is completely a myth. You can incorporate EDI to your current system and start benefiting from it straight away.

It Takes Time For Employees To Adjust To The New System.

No matter which EDI Software you use – IBM Gentran EDI or OpenText BizManager, Data Integration Specialists offer consultants that understand EDI infrastructure and help IT employees adjust to the intricacies of an EDI implementation. Besides, the whole concept of using technology in your business operations is to make it convenient and productive. EDI software definitely has an easy learning curve and, with the help of consultants from Data Integration Specialists, it takes no time for employees to get used to the software.

There are some of the most common myths about EDI prevalent in the market. Ignore these myths and start using EDI in your business operations today!

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