Understanding EDI Mapping and Its Value To Your Business

In this time-bound era, each second matters and especially when we are talking about business. The advancement of technology has been able to successfully eradicate a major portion of labor from businesses in each sector. The process of automation and software or robots are being preferred for their efficiency and accuracy. The question is – how can a machine or software replace the intelligence of a human brain?

A simple answer to this question is – It doesn’t have to. Many tasks, we generally use labor for, are recurring and quite predictable. This allows machines to successfully replace them. For example – let us consider the use of the postal system to deliver messages. It requires more than one person, a vehicle, and some delivery guys to finally deliver your letter to the other end (your friend, or colleague). This is a lengthy procedure and is also prone to failure. Technology has introduced us to text messaging, and various other social media sites to directly deliver your messages directly without any involvement of any other person or any vehicle for that matter! EDI and EDI Mapping are technological solutions to one of the most recurring tasks in businesses – data transactions. Let us start with the obvious question – What is EDI and EDI Mapping? Data Integration Specialists has years of experience helping businesses with all kinds of EDI Services and Integration projects Fill out this form to reach us immediately!

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI, enables you to digitally carry out the transactions of your business documents in a standard format. In simpler words, EDI eliminates any manual labor and automates the transaction of business documents thus improving the efficiency of your Business to Business electronic data transmission and

Before EDI, these transactions were carried out manually; thus involved a lot of paperwork, manual labor, and enough space for error introductions. Electronic Data Interchange allows businesses to real-time keep track of these transactions and successfully replaces any type of involved paperwork. Mostly, EDI is used for tasks like creating a purchase order, shipment information, or such others.

When an EDI document is generated, it is automatically sent over to the computer at the other end. It scans the document and understands where to store it. This makes the transaction of documents smooth, easy, cost-effective, and accurate. Moving to the next question – What is EDI Mapping and how is it helpful?

EDI Mapping and Its benefits

EDI Mapping, basically, makes the usage of the transmitted easier and user-friendly. In simple words, EDI Mapping translates the data from an EDI document into a document format, such as xlsx or XML, as required by a user. Not just these basic document types, EDI Mapping also enables you to convert and send the data received to other formats or departments like ERPs or accounting documents.

EDI Mapping basically allows the customization of the received data to use it according to your business’ requirements or comforts. Here are a few ways in which EDI Mapping can be quite beneficial for your business.

Cost Effective

EDI Mapping is very much cost-effective as compared to the traditional paperwork involved and it successfully can replace all forms of sending documents. EDI mapping and integration reduces all kinds of costs related to paperwork and use of any postal services. This leads to a significant reduction in prices.

Improves Efficiency

EDI and EDI Mapping is completely carried out by computers without any help of humans, once they are set or properly customized. This enables a computer to computer transactions of documents between businesses and partners. Document Filing and transfer requires no human intelligence and thus, EDI Mapping improves the efficiency of a company, as a whole, by allowing its employees to focus on tasks of greater importance.

Error Free

EDI and EDI Mapping are reliable ways to electronically exchange data. This ensures a negligible space for errors if the document format of an EDI document is followed. An estimated data shows there are around 20 billion data transactions carried out by the use of EDI. This clearly proves the extent of the reliability of businesses with all kinds on EDI and EDI Mapping.

EDI adds a major value to your business. Data Integration Specialists provides EDI-based Services and our professionals can build or an integration and EDI Mapping project for your business. Contact for the best EDI services now!