Understanding The Importance of Data Integration for Your Company

In this technological and progressive era, businesses focus on increasing their efficiency to gain an upper hand over their competitors. Most of the companies have incorporated integration technologies in the mainstream of their business and this has eradicated any room for manual processes. One of the primary problems businesses face worldwide is the lack of coordination between internal business departments. Data Integration Software Services provide an effective solution of enhancing coordination and thus, improving the overall productivity of the company. Let’s start with addressing the elephant in the room: What is Data Integration?

What is Data Integration?

Data Integration, quite literally, is the process of integrating data in different formats and sources, to produce a combined dataset in a single form and structure. A company has many departments working in coordination and data integration can be used to effectively improve the level of interaction.

It is observed  there is a gap in interaction exist between management and employees working on product development. Lack of accurate analytics is the reason that the growth of a company becomes stagnant after a certain point of time. Data Integration is a philosophy that combines the technical and business part of any company. This means Data Integration combines heterogeneous data to produce meaningful and comprehensible statistics that can be used to apply effort at the weak spots. This can improve the overall productivity of a business/company.

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This is how Data Integration began

Though it may sound so, Data Integration is not at all a new concept. The seeds that led to its origin were planted long ago. The first form of data integration was designed in 1981 at the University of Minnesota to develop a collective database that extracted heterogeneous sources and produced a resultant database with the same schema/coordinates.

Eventually, Data Integration evolved with advancements in technology to result into what today is widely known as Data Integration Software Services. Earlier versions of Data Integration involved a tightly coupled architecture between various modules. An attempt to eliminate this was successfully made in 2009 that enabled extraction of heterogeneous data directly from their original databases.

In today’s technologically advanced world, Data Integration has leveled-up quite significantly and has applications on different platforms such as – Integrated web-based applications (Web Services), Integration of software applications and hardware systems (Enterprise Application Integration), etc. These applications of Data Integration can be used to enhance sharpness in the growth graph of your company.

How important Data Integration Software Services for your company?

Saves Time, Improves Productivity

Data Integration can be used to speed up things in your company/business. Without Data integration, you have to wait for the completion of a process to analyze its effects and shortcomings. Data Integration can be used to produce real-time statistics and thus, helping you to argument a process in its budding phase itself.  This saves a lot of time and effectively improves productivity.

Enhancing Business Intelligence

Data Integration Software Services can be used to make informed and better decisions; thus improving the overall Business Intelligence of your company. Business Intelligence basically refers to the business information based on statistics and reports. Data Integration can solely be relied on, for quicker and more efficient business information.

Less Error-Prone

By using Data integration Software Services, you can ensure negligible to almost zero probabilities of errors as compared to using any other methods of compiling heterogeneous datasets. Data Integration enables you to make a definitive collection of important datasets. This also develops a professional outlook for your business/company in the eyes of your client/customer.

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