5 Benefits Of Using EDI For Your Business

In the current hyper-digital market space, it has become mandatory for businesses to keep up with the digitalization and technology upgrades. Companies who have failed to do so have suffered from the lack of customer attention and exposure. In such circumstances, one of the most popular industrial solutions being used is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

What Is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the electronic transfer of documents in a standardized format usually between business partners. It is a form of automation and has a long list of benefits.

EDI not only is a perfect replacement of paperless transaction but also is an apt solution in the time of need. It only makes sense to use EDI instead of manual processes in the modern digital world. The upcoming section discusses a few of them.

Benefits Of Electronic Data Interchange

  • The Cost Factor

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small scale business or a large scale enterprise, the cost factor is always one of the primary things you take into consideration. It’s good news for your business as EDI is a cost-effective method of data interchange.

Not only does it save the paper costs, but EDI also cuts any labor cost involved in the whole process. You can utilize the relieved resources to ensure better products/clients for your customers.

  • Enhanced User Experience

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and make your mark in the digital world, user experience is the key.

EDI helps your company to enhance the user experience of your clients/customers to a great extent. It reduces the response time of your business which makes things easier and more convenient for you as well as your users. Enhanced user experience directly impacts your word-of-mouth marketing which increases clients and their reliability on your business.

  • Fewer Errors

As mentioned, EDI is a computer-to-computer interchange of electronic documents which is ‘done in a particular format’. EDI, as such, ensures that there are minimal errors in any official documents traded between business partners.

This not only accounts for a healthy business relationship but also shows a professional way of functioning on your part. In the case of paper documents, even a minute error causes huge delay and wastage of resources which is, now, prevented with the use of EDI.

  • Strategic Advantages

With its benefits of speed and accuracy, EDI can boost your business cycles by up to 61%! You’d have to wait for business documents for days in a row when sent via manual data entry. But the strategic benefits of EDI emphasizes its use in the modern business system by multiple folds.

EDI helps you to bring real-time visibility in your organization. It allows you to tackle any potential problems at their budding phase which brings order in your organization and accounts for less damage.

To Sum It Up

EDI has become an important part of several companies and you must start using it today! EDI consultants complement your EDI resources by offering the services of a remote coordinator for your software.

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With 2019 starting and so close to an end of a financial year, companies routinely have to keep a check on all the systems and processes to see if they are adequately functioning. One such crucial system that should be timely updated is Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system plays an essential part in the digital transformation of the organization and hence those operating it needs to stay abreast with the latest tool and technological advancement in ERP.

With the evolving consumer’s demand, organizations have to buckle up and bring necessary transformations to the ERP systems to stay relevant and gain a competitive edge in this vast enterprise resource planning landscape.

In our today post, we are going to cover some significant 2019 ERP trends to keep your ERP relevant and if there is a need to replace or update your ERP system:


Traditionally ERP was considered a tool only for large enterprises, but with the adoption and implementation of cloud integration, the total cost of storage and software implementation has significantly minimized, making cloud deployment an affordable choice for organization be it small, medium or large.


Cloud integration is no longer just an option for the enterprises; it should be mandatory implementation. Strategize and deploy cloud for better storage and accessibility of your data. Make sure to include your ERP and other crucial systems in it.


How an ERP can play a pivotal role in strengthening or forging our relationship with the trading partner, a trading partner that operations on the latest tools and technology can shape your organization. Be selective when looking for an ERP trading partner, and only go for those that implement technology that aligns with your business’s objectives.


Every organization is finding ways to gain better insight into its customer data in order to develop an effective strategy to enrich the customer experience. Make sure your ERP has the ability to access, analyze and use the data gathered from different sources to enhance your business operation. Furthermore, ERP will be integrated with business automation, intelligence to design a well-informed marketing campaign. The aim is no longer to gather data but utilize it to enhance productivity.


Never, never forget about security. Especially after the 2018 social media data privacy fiasco, which revealed the most significant loophole in data security. This time of cybercrimes and sly accessibility of data demands an ERP system that protects, monitors and timely audits the information that it stores.

Transition to a new ERP can be tricky and in that to take care of adequate EDI implementation can be even more daunting. Why overburden yourself with conversion to ERP, wondering how will EDI be managed when you can outsource EDI services to remote EDI consultants like Data Integration Specialists. With over two decades of integration experience, DIS’ integration specialists will make sure your EDI is efficiently implemented and managed while you transition to a new business.

We understand and value trading partner relationships and emphasize on preferring budget friendly premium quality EDI and ERP mapping services. Our primary goal is a reliable and efficient integration of your data at a reasonable rate.

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Use EDI Services To Boost Your Business Operations

Businesses from every industry always keep an eye out for ways to improve resource utilization and enhance efficiency. Given the rate of technological advancement in today’s era, there are multiple solutions present to enhance overall business productivity. From various automation process and integration services to Electronic Data Interchange, businesses are incorporating technology in the mainstream of business operations.


Electronic Data Interchange – An Introduction

The reliability of technology has increased to a great extent in the past few decades. Businesses often take Electronic Data Interchange as a new invention whereas it has been there since 1968. In 1968, EDI was used for the first time to exchange electronic messages named as the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (TDCC). Since then, EDI has evolved through various contributions and in many forms. EDI, as we know today, is an electronic exchange (computer-to-computer) of data (usually business documents) between two coordinating departments or, at times, businesses. For instance, exchange of purchase orders and invoices from between an e-commerce company and retailer is an excellent example.


Benefits of Using Electronic Data Interchange For Your Business


  • Efficiency


EDI improves the efficiency of a business by multiple folds -from improving the time and cost efficiency to negligible error processing or re-doings and better utilization of resources.


  • Improved Quality

EDI enhances the quality of your business operations and this effect clearly shadows itself in the end customer/client satisfaction. Electronic Data Interchange, as simple as it sounds, affects your business’ customer experience. For instance, how impressive it would be for your customers to receive a bill as soon as he/she gets the product.



  • Automation

Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) is a form of automation and this brings along an array of benefits with it. With EDI, business operations become easier to monitor and manage. This results in better management decisions. EDI not only cuts paper costs to zero, but also improves accuracy in the whole business operation.


The Need For EDI Managed Services

As beneficial as it might sound, without the help of consultants for your EDI Software, your business might miss on the full potential of EDI Software. Businesses make the mistake of relying on their IT Department for the management of their EDI Software and related consultations.  

An EDI Software needs consultants with years of experience in the field and this is why it becomes important to hire quality EDI Managed Services from a reputed service provider. EDI Managed Services ensure that the functionality of your software keeps up with time. If you are using EDI Software like TIE Kinetix eVision Enterprise, TIE Kinetix EDI Services become very important to maintain the smooth functioning between your business partners which should be your top priority.

Choosing the right provider for EDI Managed Services of your business can be a tricky job. If you choose the wrong provider, errors and other lags because of mismanaged EDI Software can harm your important business relations. Always choose the service provider who has good referrals and constant positive client reviews.

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